Poetry and fireworks: Fresh Science at the Pub

Nirajan Shiwakoti claims his prize for best science limerick. Credit: Thami Croeser

How do you interpretively dance video game addiction?

What rhymes with galaxies?

Describe milk without saying cow?

This is what we made the freshies do at Fresh Science at the Pub 2012.

After a full day of media training – and for a couple of them, a full day of media attention too – we dragged the freshies down the pub.

But they weren’t there for a relaxing drink.

We challenged them to describe their work without using any of the key words from the title.

Then we got them to write a limerick or haiku about their science.

There are some photos from the night on the Fresh Science facebook page, and we’ve popped a few of our favourite poems below.

There once was a biodiesel named tallow

To use it too soon might be shallow

The soot coating is organic

It could be carcinogenic

Confining us to the respiratory gallows.

Developing the next generation of cleaner biofuels: Nicholas Surawski


Raising tuna in the deep blue

May provide us with a clue

When you grow fish offshore

Their health and happiness soar

Research the world will now pursue

Growing bigger tuna faster: Nicole Kirchhoff


Everybody likes to play video games

But not all people play them the same

Some people stop having fun

Can’t put down a virtual gun

And now psychologists give the disorder a name

Video game and drug addiction – more similar than you might think: Olivia Metcalf

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