Western Australia

Fresh Science WA 2021

October/November. Exact date to be confirmed. Watch this space.

Fresh Science WA was held on 9 October 2019 in Perth. 

2019 Fresh scientists at Fresh Science in the Pub, Brisbane Hotel in Perth.

Ten Fresh Scientists took to the stage and explained their work in the time it takes a birthday sparkler to burn out.

We heard how seed spaghetti is saving native plants; how we’re mapping the Milky Way’s magnetic field and why; and the role of monitor lizards on former mine sites.

From satellite signals to the surface of plant leaves; people came along and enjoyed dinner, a drink and caught some of the latest science with researchers from UWA, Murdoch, Curtin, CSIRO and Kings Park.

The WA Fresh Scientists undertook media and communication training at Western Australian Museum in Fremantle on 8 & 9 October.

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Our 2019 WA Fresh Scientists were:

  • Vanessa Brown, University of Western Australia
  • Calum Watt, Murdoch University
  • Alba Arteaga Claramunt, University of Western Australia
  • Charlotte Sobey, CSIRO
  • Akila Rekima, University of Western Australia
  • Charlotte Birkmanis, University of Western Australia
  • Sophie Cross, Curtin University
  • Kan Wang, Curtin University
  • Karina Khambatta, Curtin University
  • Dayna Cenin, MC/University of Western Australia

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Our Supporters: In 2019, Fresh Science WA was supported by the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Murdoch University, the University of Notre Dame Australia and hosted by Western Australian Museum.