Deakin University

  • Peanut Allergy: a pain in the guts
    Posted in: 2019, Vic

    Peanut Allergy: a pain in the guts Deakin researcher discovers allergy mechanism. Peanut allergens cross a model of the gut lining, causing it to leak, new research by Dr Dwan Price from Deakin University in Victoria has revealed. The allergens hijack the transport mechanisms of cells in the intestine, disrupting the bonds that hold the…

  • Heating carbon fibre in the microwave
    Posted in: 2016, Vic

    Geelong scientists have discovered they can use microwave chemistry to make carbon fibre composite materials stronger and safer more quickly. Carbon fibre composite materials are both light and strong, making them a great alternative to metal in a huge range of applications, from bikes and sports equipment to prosthetic limbs, planes and cars. They’re made up of…

  • New materials can drive us into a changeable future
    Posted in: 2015

    What if your car or aeroplane could adapt its shape depending on the conditions to become more aerodynamic, and therefore more fuel-efficient? This could well be the future of the automotive and aerospace industries – using metals that can change their shape to improve performance, says Sahar Naghashian, an Associate Research Fellow at Deakin University.

  • Cars can be lighter, faster, stronger – but they need more arms
    Posted in: 2014, Vic

    Scientist available for interview, Tuesday 17 June 2014 Lighter-weight, fuel-efficient cars may be closer to reality thanks to Geelong researchers who are giving carbon fibre the gripping power it needs to be able to stand up to impacts from motorists. High-performance vehicles already use carbon fibre – a high-strength lightweight material that can be moulded…