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What is Fresh Science?

Fresh Science is a national event that brings together scientists, the media and the public. It is designed to:

  • enhance reporting of Australian science
  • highlight and encourage debate on the role of science in Australian society
  • provide role models for the next generation of Australian scientists.

Previous Fresh Scientists have attracted national and international interest resulting in hundreds of media stories, including national television news. Details of previous winners, their press releases and media coverage can be seen on this website.

State winners will participate in media training with Fresh Science prior to their State events.

You can also read stories about past winners and finalists under Fresh Science stories.

The history of Fresh Science

Fresh Science was originally part of a larger event – ScienceNOW! — a forum established in 1997 to bring together scientists, the media and the general public. It was based on a couple of simple premises: Australia needed to improve and expand its science reporting, and it also needed a way for its best young scientists to present their work before an audience much broader than their peers.

The forum was held over four days at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre inside the Great Australian Science Show (GASS) in 1998 and 1999. This non-profit event run was primarily sponsored by the Victorian and Federal governments and supported by Australia’s leading science organisations including the Australian Academy of Science, CSIRO, Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS), and ANZAAS.

A series of free public forums with international and Australian speakers discussed hot science topics such as the global fight against disease, human cloning, and science in the media. Public sessions at ScienceNOW! covered entertaining issues such as Time and Time Travel; and Hollywood Meets the Labcoats – an annual irreverent look at science in the movies.Each year a prominent international science journalist was invited to participate in ScienceNOW! and then travel around Australia reporting on other hot science issues.

Starting in 2002, Fresh Science has been held as a standalone event in association with National Science Week.