Smart nanoparticles on straight path to cure cancer

Dr Nicholas Fletcher – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland

Smart nanoparticles on straight path to cure cancer

Within the next decade cancer patients may benefit from a new treatment that uses specially designed tiny particles or ‘nanoparticles’ that carry drugs directly to the cancer cells without the typical side effects from such chemotherapy.   

University of Queensland researchers designed new nanoparticles, similar to plastic. Drugs are attached to the nanoparticles which bind only to tumour cells and not healthy cells.

“With this technology, we can transport drugs to the tumour with twice the efficiency of other methods,” says lead researcher Dr Nick Fletcher. 

The new treatment is being trialled on terminally ill north Brisbane dog patients.  Tests on human patients will start in the coming years. 

Written by Dr Nicholas Fletcher and edited by Econnect Communication.

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