• Family matters in autism outcomes
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    Family matters in autism outcomes Cognition is influenced by siblings, researchers find. Autistic children with autistic siblings have better cognition than those who are the only family member with the condition, researchers have found. Importantly, the outcome does not depend on birth order. Although previous studies have identified that having autistic siblings leads to better…

  • Fresh Science 2015
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    In 2015 Fresh Science ran in Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, North Queensland (Townsville) and South Queensland (Brisbane). For 18 years Fresh Science has been helping young Australian scientists find their story and their voice, and empowering these future leaders of science to engage with the community, media, government and industry. Since 1997 Fresh…

  • New South Wales (table to add to http://freshscience.org/stories)
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    New South Wales “Magic” crystals and microbes – making the most of biogas wells Sabrina Beckmann UNSW Interpreting the language of touch Heba Khamis UNSW Remembering what you didn’t have time to see Trevor Chong Macquarie University   Protecting our blood vessels from damaging salt with avocados and dried apricots Natalie Lister The University of…