Fresh Science 2013 state finalists


Andrew Bulmer, Griffith University
Liver test may shed light on heart health

Lee Hickey, The University of Queensland
Using genes to counter rust

Julie Lovisa, James Cook University
Building on mud: when can we start?

Signe Riemer-Sørensen, The University of Queensland
How to weigh an unstoppable particle

Evan Stephens, The University of Queensland Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Algae fuel green oil hope

Elisha Wood-Charlson, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Coral herpes study re-writes viral story

Australian Capital Territory

Melissa Ness, Australian National University
Origin of stars proves easy nut to crack


Sara Al-Musawi, Prince Henry’s Institute
Calling time on biological clock

David Beale, CSIRO
Pool parasite test makes splash

Alexe Bojovschi, RMIT University
Electric fish sparks safer power line technology

Anthony Chesman, CSIRO
To turn on sun’s power, just press print

Alan Duffy, The University of Melbourne
Watch this space: galaxies gas up and go

Smart materials inject new hope into drug delivery

Laura Mackay, The University of Melbourne
Access denied as vaccine stops herpes, HIV entry

Rachel Mann, Department of Primary Industries Victoria/La Trobe University
DNA test to keep biohazard at bay

Hossein Mokhtarzadeh, The University of Melbourne
How ankles can save footballers’ knees

Lucie Rankin, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Celiac hope more than gut feeling

Yaou Smets,  La Trobe University
Ballsy molecule kicks goal for solar cells

Patricia Vietheer, Burnet Institute
Scientists win guerrilla war against Hep C

Jinfeng Wang, Institute of Frontier Materials, Deakin University
Sunscreen gives material benefit

Meng Wai Woo, Monash University
Mixing drugs and alcohol for better asthma inhalers

Tamara Yawno, Monash Institute of Medical Research
Discarded placenta may hold cure for cerebral palsy

Siobhan (Sasha) Wilson, Monash University
Crystals may divine life on Mars

Madleen Busse, Monash University
Resistance futile as new antibiotic fights back


New South Wales

Ummul Baneen, University of New South Wales
Crack test to prove safe as houses

Robin Beck, University of New South Wales
Ancient bone has scientists on hop

Jessica Carilli, ANSTO
No person an island as humans impact reefs

Yee Lian Chew, The University of Sydney
Worm may turn gene into gold for dementia

Matthew Collins, The University of Sydney
Optical circuit to revolutionise net security

Angela Crean, University of New South Wales
It’s not always first sperm across the line, squirt!

William Donald, University of New South Wales
Down to the wire with world’s smallest zigzag

Greta Frankham, Australian Museum
Truffle in paradise as more species roo the day

Shayne McGregor, Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales
Flicking switch on drought or deluge

Andrew Ong, University of New South Wales
Atomic clock to reveal what makes universe tick

Anne Tiedemann, The George Institute for Global Health, The University of Sydney
Yoga brings balance to older age

Chaofan Wu, University of New South Wales
Low-cost jet ventilation a breath of fresh air

Jerry Zhou, The University of Sydney
Fingerprints to point cancer patients in right direction

Western Australia

Chris Abbiss, Edith Cowan University
No pain, all gain as patients given sporting chance

Janelle Braithwaite, The University of Western Australia
18,000 kilometres without food – of course it’s personal

Belinda Brown, Edith Cowan University
Alzheimer’s risk may prove matter over mind

Kitty-Rose Foley, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
Working week makes day for Down syndrome

Veer Gupta, Edith Cowan University
Protein may herald early test for Alzheimer’s

Gino Putrino, The University of Western Australia
Breathalyser noses out lung cancer

Jess Robertson, CSIRO
Lava lamps shed light on volcanoes

Liza Roger, The University of Western Australia and ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
The Sea Butterfly effect

Natalie Strobel, Edith Cowan University
Antioxidants no radical part of exercise

Ruth Thornton, The University of Western Australia
Sticky ear mystery solved

Mandy Trueman, The University of Western Australia
Farmers help Darwin’s darling to recapture former glory

South Australia

Kylie Ellis, The University of Adelaide
Stroke of fortune as teeth cells show some nerve

Jonathan Hall, The University of Adelaide
Magnetic mystery key to universe

Elizabeth Harford-Wright, Adelaide Centre for Neuroscience Research
Chemo drug provides brain-cancer hope

Wai Khay Leong, The University of Adelaide
Teeth may take bite out of stroke

Monalisa Padhee, The University of South Australia
IVF study raises heart disease concerns

Christian Reynolds, The University of South Australia
Food waste takes the cake in pastrygate ‘scandal’

Krishna Venkidusamy, CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE)
Bacteria turn black waste into green watts

Dragana Calic, Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Some can sure pick ‘em in a face-off


Patrick Mitchell, CSIRO
Trees hunger for life during killer droughts

Aliaa Shallan, University of Tasmania
Medicine’s future in palm of your hands


We expanded our program to include state finals, thanks to funding through the Inspiring Australia initiative and partners in other states. These included:


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